How to use..?

Ever wondered how to use your GRPL? Tapegear has created an inspiring little video showing you countless options.


Natural fertilisers

A fertiliser, AgriFerBW, is also a by-product from the Biowert production process. Our photo shows one of “our” farmers from the countryside surrounding the Brensbach plant spreading AgriFerBW on his meadows. The meadow grass harvest is used in its turn to manufacture Biowert products.


From the Bronze Age

Energy-saving wall from the Bronze Age discovered “(...) The walls of the huts were comprised of two wattled walls erected at a distance from each other; hay had been stuffed into the gap between them, about 10 cm thick. (...) The imprints of the stalks on the high-fired daub put us on the track of the energy-saving wall from the Bronze Age.” (Translation of German text) Excerpt from the website of energy-saving drive of the Environment Ministry of the State of Hessen: Hessische Energiespar-Aktion


2012 Harvest

The new 2012 harvest is chaffed in the field. Then it is ensilaged at Biowert’s plant.


Wikipedia: "Grass"

Recently discovered in the German-language article on Wikipedia about grass: our company, Biowert, is mentioned in a prominent position!
(...) The material use of grass, on the other hand, is rare. Thus, for example, Biowert Industrie GmbH is the only company worldwide to manufacture plastic composites suitable for injection moulding from meadow grass (...) (Translation of German text)


Mowing in May

The tractors are out in the countryside surrounding the Biowert plant! The farmers in the immediate vicinity are harvesting the basic raw materials for all our products – meadow grass.



Biowert Depot newly opened!



ELEMENTE MaterialForum is a presentation platform for innovative materials and sustainable technologies for architecture and design in Berlin. It's an archive for material manufacturers and architects, for product development and design. Biowert is now member of this platform and is taking part with the Biowert Terrace Flooring on the occasion of the exposition "Wall and Floor"!



Introducing Grapple, a flexible hanging system made with an unexpected ingredient – GRASS – made of AgriPlastBW! Grapple represents a completely new approach to hanging objects and clothes, one that is innovative in shape and sustainable in design, as well as being flexible, design-conscious and affordable. Designer: Ryan Frank / TapeGear Support this project: Kickstarter


Wir steigern das Bruttosozialglück*

New publication from Herder!

More and more people share the sentiment that a society based on growth and size, acceleration and a consumption orientation is not sustainable, that gross national product should not be the only factor that counts, but also gross national happiness*. We are searching for alternatives, for role models.
Annette Jensen took up the search and met many impressive people and made many amazing discoveries.
...including Biowert in Brensbach.

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